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Organize your clothes. Create amazing outfits. Browse for the latest fashion. Shop from your phone. Get the latest fashion news. See what the celebrities wear.
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What is Stylish Girl?

Stylish Girl is your fashion store, your closet organizer and your outfit planner. It even helps you pack your bags and shop directly from your phone. Not to mention the latest fashion news she brings to you every day. How awesome is that? Fashion is all about personal style so mix and match your clothes with other on-line fashions and explore the infinite ways to create fresh new looks for yourself.

Things you can do better with Stylish Girl:

- Explore your closet and take pictures of your clothes. Once you have them in Stylish Girl you can create amazing outfits anytime and anywhere. The app displays all your closet items simultaneously. Scroll through the categories and pick the items for your outfits. Add an accessory to polish your look. Filter your results to narrow the selection (e.g. search for summer clothes only).

- Shop Smarter. Browse tons of fashion items from the biggest fashion retailers and shop online from your iPhone/iPod (via our interface to Compare prices and looks, and mix the things you want to buy with your own clothes to see if they match, before you actually buy them. Save time, money and make smart purchases that compliment your wardrobe.

- Pack for travel quickly without leaving anything behind. Just pick the outfits and items from your closet and add them to your suitcase.

- Discover the latest fashion looks and get the scoop on celebritiesí fashion styles. Receive the current news from selected fashion blogs and magazines.

- Share your clothes with your friends on Facebook/Twitter and let them be your fashion advisers. Celebrities have theirs, why shouldn't you have yours?

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